EPI MFlex Modular Pressure-Sensitive Label Applicator System

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Drawing upon the legacy of EPI's M-Series applicator and engineering expertise, the MFlex is a completely new, modular, and flexible system comprised of a label applicator and integrated product handling solution, with the primary purpose of applying pressure-sensitive labels to a variety of packages and products.

Engineered to fit seamlessly into your new or existing production line, the MFlex accurately and reliably applies pressure sensitive labels to a wide range of items: bottles, tapered items, non-round upright items, clamshells, trays, and more.

The MFlex can be configured to cover a variety of label placements. Whether you are needing to label the top or bottom of your item (or both), or wrap a label around the leading edge, the MFlex features faster dispense speeds, accurate label placement, and system modularity for fast and efficient troubleshooting, service, or maintenance in your operations.

For even greater integration and flexibility in your production line, upgrade to the MFlex Pro to incorporate a PLC for inspection, reject, serialization, and communication options.


Label Applicator Configurations (additional customized options available)

  • Top Apply
  • Bottom Apply
  • Top and Bottom Apply
  • C-Wrap (3-panel: top, front, and bottom)
  • Side Apply
  • Wrap (round/cylindrical items)
  • Front/Back
  • Front/Back and Wrap


  • Servo labeling heads for greater accuracy and faster dispense speeds.]
  • Modular system components – and field replaceable –for fast and efficient troubleshooting, service, or maintenance.
  • 100% brushless closed-loop conveyor motors for superior speed stability, more consistent product handling, and increased label placement accuracy and consistency
  • Simple and easy to operate – all motors are electronically geared to follow the conveyor to maintain perfect synchronization throughout the entire speed range, reducing tweaking and mislabeled products.
  • Simple and easy to service and maintain – all MFlex systems are designed to open with maximum accessibility, and utilize handles for fast and efficient tool-free adjustments.
  • Dustproof and waterproof to IP65 specs, and corrosion-resistant, as standard.
  • Intelligent motion controller with advanced diagnostics displayed within the HMI.
  • All configurations perfomed within the HMI – no programming required.
  • Fast and efficient changeovers – every single parameter, setting, speed, etc. can be saved as a recipe, as standard.
  • Precision mounting and positioning system for the applicator heads and product-handling modules:
    – Smooth, precise, and repeatable positioning of the applicator and the product-handling devices.
    – 4-axis applicator mount for precise and ergonomic adjustment of vertical, horizontal, tilt, and skew axis.
  • Simple and robust conveyor designs with tool-free guide mounts for easy and efficient adjustments.
  • Hugger system features open design and crank handle mounts for easy tool-free adjustment.
  • Single interchangeable drive model for every conveyor axis means no programming – just select your desired drive function.

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