PowerMerge™ Vacuum Label Application Modules

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The ID Technology high speed PowerMerge™ family of vacuum belt applicators take labels from the Print Engine as they are being printed and transfers them, via a vacuum belt, from the peel tip of the print engine onto the Vacuum belt of the ID Technology Label Printer Applicator and adheres them onto the product using a Polyurethane roller that is spring loaded and traveling at the same speed as the product is traveling.

With the use of the vacuum belt the label can be applied at much higher rates than alternative Printer Applicators. The label for the next product can start printing during the time the first label is being applied or even before. Multiple labels can be on vacuum belt at the same time, printing is something that can be done all the time, not just some of the time. Print speed and feed is no longer linked to the speed of the product. These features make this approach perfect for high-speed, high-volume label printer applicator applications.

Benefit – High Speed, High Accuracy, Print Apply

  • Apply rates much higher than traditional tamp or feed on demand Printer Applicators
  • Precise label application

Benefit – Reliable operation

  • Label present or dispense no longer critical
  • High tolerance to low quality labels
  • High tolerance of older labels with adhesive ooze
  • No more air assist tubes or vacuum generators or pneumatic cylinders
  • No more decisions as to back feed after print or before

Benefit – Consistent and Permanent label application and placement

  • Label rolled onto product
  • No tamp pads
  • No need for aggressive adhesives
  • No complicated timing issues

Benefit – Less Maintenance and Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Longer Print Head life
  • Longer time between maintenance on the print engine
  • All electric design – NO FACTORY AIR

Benefit – Safety

  • No tamp assemblies moving at high speed
  • Easy to load and feed labels onto vacuum belt

Benefit – Higher print quality and more readable barcodes, especially rotated barcodes

  • Sharper images at lower print speeds
  • High quality barcodes at lower print speeds