Regular Slotted Container Boxes

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Crown Packaging is a leading supplier of regular slotted container boxes and other packaging products.  Request a quote for RSC boxes in bulk.  

Regular Slotted Container Boxes | Corrugated RSC Box

Looking for RSC boxes?  Crown Packaging is your source for regular slotted container boxes for your business. 


Crown Packaging partners with the industry's top corrugated products manufactuers to give you access to a wide variety of boxes in nearly any style, size, and strength. 

What is a regular Slotted Container (RSC) Box?

The regular slotted container is one of the most common types of corrugated box.


All the flaps have an equal length and the outer flaps are half the width of the container so the two longest flaps meet in the center of the box. 


RSC boxes are very versatile and suitable for many packaging applications.

Choose the Right Style and Size of RSC Box 

Not sure which regular slotted container box is right for you?  We can help.


Our specialists can help you find the right RSC box for your packaging application based on the size of the item you are packaging or shipping, the product protection requirements, and budgetary factors. 


Contact Crown for a consultation or request information about RSCs today.