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What is a Tray Former?

A corrugated tray forming machine is a type of machine that is specifically designed to manufacture trays from corrugated paperboard.


A corrugated tray forming machine typically uses a combination of heat and pressure to shape the corrugated paperboard into a tray. The machine may have a series of dies and punches that are used to cut and form the material, as well as a heating element that is used to soften the material so that it can be molded into the desired shape.


These trays are commonly used for packaging and transportation of a variety of products, including food, consumer goods, and industrial products.

Benefits of Automated Tray Forming

There are several benefits to using a tray forming machine over a manual process for manufacturing trays:


Increased efficiency: Tray forming machines can produce trays at a much faster rate than manual processes, allowing for a higher production output. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to meet large demand or tight deadlines.

Improved accuracy: Tray forming machines are designed to produce trays with consistent dimensions and shapes, which can be difficult to achieve manually. This can be important for ensuring that products fit properly in the tray and are protected during transportation.

Reduced labor costs: Using a tray forming machine can reduce the number of workers needed for tray production, as the machine can handle many of the tasks that would otherwise be done by hand. This can result in lower labor costs and higher profit margins for the business.

Improved safety: Tray forming machines can be designed with safety features, such as guards or barriers, to help prevent accidents or injuries in the workplace. This can be especially important in environments where workers are handling sharp objects or working with heavy materials.

Enhanced customization: Some tray forming machines are equipped with additional features, such as printing or labeling capabilities, that allow for the creation of custom trays with branding or other markings. This can be useful for businesses that want to differentiate their products or create a more professional appearance.

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