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What are STrapping Machines?

Strapping machines are automated equipment or hand-held devices that accelerate the bundling process, binding products or boxes together with cabled plastic, strap, or banding materials.


hese straps can be made of various materials, such as plastic or steel, and are used to provide support and stability to the packages or bundles.

Why Use STrapping Equipment?

Products bound together with strapping are easier to move, preventing bundled loads from shifting, streamlining transportation, improving load containment, and reducing avoidable product damage.


Although loads can be bundled by hand, using a strapping machine will decreasing the time and labor expense required.


Strapping machines can be used in a variety of industries, including packaging, shipping, warehousing, and manufacturing. They are designed to be fast, efficient, and easy to use, and can be operated manually or automatically, depending on the specific needs of the application.

BEnefits of STrapping Equipment

Strapping equipment boosts overall productivity and increases operational efficiency.  In addition to freeing up employees to focus on other high-value tasks, using automated strapping equipment can help improve profitability by increasing throughput.


Plus, because of the risk of boxes or materials falling in the warehouses or distribution centers due to unstable loads, using strapping equipment to secure goods and packaging on pallets can prevent accidents and improve worker safety.


Strapping machines are an important tool in the packaging industry, as they help ensure that packages are properly secured and protected during handling and transportation, which can help reduce damage and improve customer satisfaction.

Strapping Machinery from Leading Brands

Looking for a Greenbridge or StraPack strapping machine?  We have you covered.  Crown offers strapping equipment & strappers from top manufacturers like StraPack, Greenbridge, Signode, more.  

Manual, Semi-Automatic, & Automatic Strapping Machines

Manual Strapping Tools
Handheld, manual strapping devices or portable strapping tools are well-suited for small companies with low volume or a limited budget.  Because they are mobile can be utilized either vertically or horizontally.  Mobile strappers are a versatile, affordable options for companies who want to accelerate their strapping process.


Semi-automatic Strapping Equipment
In the case of semi-automatic strapping machines, the operator loops strap that has been fed from the

machine around the load and feeds it into the machine to be tightened and sealed.  The machine automatically tightens the strap to the predefined tension setting and fuses the ends of the strap together to create a seal.


Automatic Strapping Systems
Automatic strapping machines simplify the bundling workflow and enable hands-free strapping, as the operator only needs to push a button or press a pedal after the load is in the machine. Many fully automated strapping machines can detect the load in the conveyor line and automatically start the strapping process.  Using a fully automatic machine can significantly reduce strapping time compared to semi-automatic or manual devices.

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Our experienced staff will help you find the best machinery and match it with the proper strapping including steel, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and cord banding.  

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Need assistance selecting a strapping machine?  We'll help you find the right strapper for your application, whether it be a handheld strapping or banding solutions, a semi-automatic strapping strapper, or a fully automatic strapping machine.