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What is STretch Film?

Stretch film, also known as "stretch wrap", is a highly stretchable plastic film that is used to wrap and secure items together. It is commonly used to secure items on pallets for storage or transportation, as well as to bundle smaller items together.


This type of film is typically made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a type of plastic that is known for its strength and flexibility. It is designed to stretch around the items being wrapped, providing a secure hold while also allowing the items to move slightly without breaking the film.


Stretch film is an effective and efficient way to package and protect items during shipping and storage, and it is widely used in a variety of industries including manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

Stretch Film vs. Shrink Films

Stretch film is sometimes incorrectly referred to as shrink wrap.  While stretch film and shrink film share some similarities, they are designed for different purposes and have different properties. 


The main difference between stretch film and shrink film is their intended use and the way in which they are applied. Stretch film is used to wrap and secure items together, while shrink film is used to wrap and protect items and is applied by heating the film to cause it to shrink and conform to the shape of the items being wrapped.

Machine Stretch Film Vs. Hand Film

Stretch film can either be applied to a load manually by an operator by hand or automatically or semi-automatically by a stretch wrapper machine. 


Machine stretch film is applied using a stretch wrap machine, which holds the film in place and rotates the pallet or package as the film is stretched around it. This allows for a consistent, even application of the film and can be more efficient than applying the film by hand.


Hand stretch film is applied by holding the roll of film in one hand and stretching it around the items being wrapped with the other hand. This process can be more time-consuming than using a stretch wrap machine, but it is often necessary for wrapping smaller items or for use in situations where a stretch wrap machine is not available.

Important Attributes of Stretch Film

There are several attributes to consider when selecting a stretch film, including:


Thickness: The thickness or gauge of the stretch film will determine its strength and durability. Thicker films are generally stronger and more resistant to tearing, but they may also be more difficult to stretch and apply.

Elasticity: Stretch film should be able to stretch and conform to the shape of the items being wrapped, so elasticity is an important consideration. Films with high elasticity will be easier to stretch and apply, but they may not provide as strong a hold as films with lower elasticity.

Clarity: If the items being wrapped need to be visible, it may be important to select a clear stretch film. This will allow for easy identification of the items without having to remove the film.

UV resistance: If the items being wrapped will be stored or transported outdoors, it may be important to select a stretch film that is resistant to UV radiation to prevent the film from breaking down or discoloring over time.

Tackiness: Some stretch films have a tacky or sticky surface that helps them to grip the items being wrapped more securely. This can be useful for securing items that are prone to slipping or sliding.

Temperature resistance: If the items being wrapped will be exposed to extreme temperatures, it may be important to select a stretch film that can withstand those temperatures without breaking or becoming brittle.

Recyclability: If sustainability is a concern, it may be important to select a stretch film that is made from recycled materials or that can be recycled after use.

Cost: The cost of the stretch film will also be a factor to consider when selecting a product. It is important to find a film that provides the necessary performance and protection at a price that is reasonable for your needs.

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