Crown Platinum | Premium Machine Stretch Film

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Crown Platinum is a revolutionary high-performance machine film featuring the best puncture resistance, holding force, stability, and clarity in its class.

Made from a new patented resin manufactured with nano technology to split layers inside the extruder, Crown Platinum sets a new standard for stretch film.

Innovative features of Crown Platinum include:

  • 33 layered film with 7 extruders into one sheet of film
  • Proprietary patented resin 
  • Nano technology allowing unique stacking of the crystalized layers
  • W&H Cast lines / Produced with the new manufacturing equipment 

For businesses seeking to down-gauge, Crown Platinum is the perfect stretch film for you. 

Crown Platinum’s 50 gauge replaces standard 80 gauge film and our 45 gauge replaces traditional 70 gauge.

That means you can decrease materials costs and reduce your carbon footprint without having to sacrifice quality.

Crown Platinum offers the lowest cost per wrapped pallet available while reduce breakage, eliminating film proprogation due to puncture, and maximizing load containment to ensure safe transit.

Choose Crown Platinum to achieve:

  • 30% additional force-to-load (containment)
  • 30% yield reduction (cut & weigh)
  • Superior clarity for bar code scans & product presentation
  • 30% higher load containment
  • 30-40% savings in film usage


  • Available gauges: 45, 50
  • Available widths: 19.7

Applications include:

  • Bagged Products
  • Boxed Products
  • Fully Automatic Equipment
  • Bundling Applications
  • High Speed Overhead Equipment
  • Loads Requiring 1-sided Cling
  • Loads Requiring Film Clarity
  • A, B, and C-Load Profiles
  • Inboard/Outboard Loads
  • Distribution Center Mixed Pallets
  • Light to Heavy Weight Containers
Skid Quantity:
Bundle Amount:
16 Rolls
Manufacturing Process:
Cling Profile:
Single-Sided Cling
Stretch Percentage: