Double-Coated Tape

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What is Double-Coated Tape?

Used as an alternative or complement to traditional screws, glue, or rivents, industrial double-sided coated tape provides an aggressive long-term or permanent bond. 

Types of Double-Sided Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tape has a solvent based acrylic adhesive on an easy release kraft paper liner. The shear and adhesion properties are good to excellent and are suitable for a broad range of temperatures, and are resistant to UV light. 


Double-Sided Tissue Tape

Double-coated tissue tape is designed to be durable, yet easy to handle so it saves valuable processing time and reduces cost by virtually eliminating breakage. Much of this durability is due to the heavy duty release liner that contributes added strength, making double-sided tissue tape converter friendly.


Double-Sided Paper Tape

Double-coated paper tape features an aggressive pressure sensitive natural rubber adhesive generously coated on both sides of a durable paper backing. With an easy release white crepe paper liner, it can be applied by hand or machine.  Ideal for textile manufacturing and carpet installation. 


Double-Sided Film Tape

Double-coated film tape offers excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces and is ideal for permanent bonding and mounting applications. The selection of vinyl and polyester backings allow for usage in a wide range of temperatures. 


Double-Sided Foam Tape

Double-coated foam tape delivers exceptional performance in applications where long term bonding is needed. Ideal for mounting, cushioning, sound dampening and vibration, this industrial double-sided tape has a conformable foam construction that performs well when filling gaps on both uniform and irregular surfaces.


Double-Sided Cloth Tape

Double-sided cloth tape is a woven cloth coated on both sides and is durable and flexible, ideal for carpet hold-down and positioning.

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