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Crown Packaging carries label applicators and labeling equipment from leading brands including CTM Labeling Systems and Weber Packaging Solutions.  Explore product options or contact Crown for labeling automation consultation.

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What are Label Applicators?

Label applicators are a type of packaging equipment that applies labels to a product whether that be a box, bottle, mailer, envelope, or any other type of container used to package an item.

Benefits of Labeling Machines

Applying labels by hand is slow and highly error prone.  When speed and consistency matter, choose a label applicator to streamline the labeling workflow in your operation.  

Print & Apply Label Applicator vs. Pre-Printed Label Machines

On consideration when evaluating labeling equipment is whether you will using pre-printed labels, which are applied with standard label applicators, or printing on demand using a print and apply label applicator.


Print and apply labeling machines utilize a print engine which are designed to keep up with high production environments.  Particulary in scenarios where dynamic or variable data is required, making each label unique, print and apply label applicators are commonly utilized.  This includes custom labeling for shipping, cording, compliance, pharmacy, cross-docking, and other situations where the data is unique to each package. 

Semi-Automatic Vs. Automatic Label Applicators

Label applicators come in both semi-automatic and automatic styles.  


With semi-automatic labeling machines, an operator positions the product and manually starts the labeling workflow. The machine does the rest, including cutting and applying the label.  Semi-automatic label applicators are often cost-effective solutions to introduce automation to the labeling process, but are naturally limited when it comes to accuracy and throughput. 


Automatic label applicators minimize the amount of intervention is needed from an operator, as a conveyor feeds products into the machine, correctly positions them, and applies the label.  If achieving high production rates while maintaining accuracy is a priority, consider an automatic labeling machine.

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Crown Packaging provides labeling machinery including label applicators from top manufacturers like CTM Labeling Systems, ID Technology, and more.  Explore labeling solution options on the page above or contact Crown to request information on additional models or learn about products from other brands.

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