Case and Carton Equipment

Case Forming and Cartoning Equipment | Packaging Machinery

Crown Packaging is a leading supplier of case forming systems, cartoning equipment, and other packaging automation machinery.


We deliver the equipment you need to streamline your packaging process, accelarete throughput, and boost productivity.

CaSe Formers and Case Sealers from Industry-Leading Brands

We partner with top packaging machinery manufacturers and brands, including 3M, Combi, Little David, and more, to deliver the equipment you need to automate the case erecting, packing, and sealing.

Find the Best CArtoning Equipment for your Business

Not sure which type of cartoning equipment is best for your application?


Crown's team of automation experts can help assess your workflow to determine what type of case erector, packing system, or case sealer is right for your organization based on your unique business needs. 


Contact Crown Packaging Corp. to request product information or to schedule an cartoning equipment consultation today.