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Crown Packaging is a top supplier of foam packaging solutions, including a variety of foam-in-place systems for any business size or application. 

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Looking for foam in place equipment?  Crown Packaging provides foam-in-place systems from top manufacturers like Sealed and Pregis.

What is Foam-in-Place Packaging?

"Foam-in-place" (also known as on-demand foam packaging) leverages expandable foam that surrounds a product, creating a custom packaging solution that delivers a high-level product protection.


On-demand foam is generated in real-time by combining two liquid components in a bag or liner, which is then place in a box with the item to be packaged. 


As the foam expands, it surrounds the product, creating a mold, perfectly shaped for the item. 

Benefits of Foam-in-Place Packaging

Benefits of foam in place packaging include high performance product protection as the void fill and cushioning properties of the expandable foam prevents avoidable shock and surface damage.


Compared to other forms of bulky foam packaging, expandable on-demand foam is more space-efficienct, requiring less on-site storage.  


Foam packaging also has the benefit of thermal insulation properties to help protect products from extreme temperatures.

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