Instapak® Foam Packaging Component

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Instapak® Foam Packaging Component

The foam molding systems produce custom-shaped Instapak® cushions on demand. SEALED AIR® brand Instapak® foam molding systems produce custom-shaped cushions for products that require the consistent, precise fit of engineered protection. There is an Instapak® foam molding solution to suit every operation, regardless of volume, throughput, or configuration. Available Instapak® foam molding models include the iMold, Instamolder, Twin Vertical System, and Molding Wheel. For applications that require a precise fit with uncommon shapes or dimensions, our experts can design and develop custom mold solutions with an integral workstation at one of Sealed Air Corporation's Packaging Application Centers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Foam molding equipment uses Instapak® foam technology, an economic solution that doesn't compromise on product protection
  • Various models and speeds fit all unique needs
  • Easy-to-use displays with minimal setup
  • Patented foam dispersion technology guarantees cushion consistency and strategically dispenses foam tubes or in bags
  • Built-in air ejection system removes finished cushions from the mold cavity, freeing up labor to pack and ship instead of monitoring cushion production


Instapak® Container Return Program


Instapak® 15 Gallon Containers

The return and recycling of Instapak® 15 gallon containers is made easy with the use of a Sealed Air® recycling kit. The kit consists of shipping cartons and pre-paid shipping labels. Sealed Air has arranged for these empty containers to be picked up by FedEx Ground and re-processed for use in recycled plastic products.

Instapak® 55 Gallon Drums

Sealed Air has arranged for empty Instapak® 55 gallon drum recycling through a network of drum recyclers. Because arrangements vary by region, you should begin the drum return process by simply contacting your local Sealed Air customer service location. The drums are shipped to a facility where they will be cleaned and reconditioned. If it is determined that the drum cannot be reused, it will be cleaned, crushed and recycled into another steel product.

Instapak® 275 Gallon Bulk Containers

In cooperation with the original manufacturer, Schütz, Inc., Sealed Air has joined in a program to recycle our empty Instapak® 275 gallon bulk containers. Simply call the toll-free number, 1-888-724-8389 for free pickup of the empty container. The container will be disassembled and each of the component will be recycled into other useful products.