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Crown offers a wide range of palletizers including robotic palletizing systems and equipment from Combi, TopTier, and other manufacturers of palletizing machines.

What is a Palletizer?

A palletizer machine is a type of packaging equipment that automates the organization and stacking of cases or boxes onto a pallet. 

Benefits of Automated PAlletizing

Placing boxes on pallets by hand is extremely time consuming and expensive when considering the cost of manual labor.  It's also physically stressful on workers, often resulting in avoidable injuries. 


Palletizers provide a cost-effective method of quickly and safely organizing cases for shipping and distribution.  Consider implementing a palletizing system if maximizing throughput and load stability is a priority.

Palletizers from Leading Manufacturers

Crown gives you access to industry-leading palletizers from premier brands including Combi, TopTier, and more.  Explore solutions on the page above or contact Crown for additional equipment options. 

Palletizer Implementation Services

Crown has a team of dedicated equipment experts who can not only help you find the best palletizer for your operation, but support you with planning and implementing your new machinery.  Trust Crown to ensure your palletizing project is a succes.

Enhanced Services to Support Robotic Palletizing

To support the ever-growing demand for robotics, Crown has partnered with some of the premier robotic integrators and solution-providers in North America. Our supplier base has a robust offering from firms far and wide, to compliment the internal engineering work our full-time Project Managers and Applications professional do every day. 

maximize Productivity with Automated Palletizing

At Crown Packaging, we recognize the industries we serve have been moving away from the manual process of palletizing, for the better part of 20 years.


Requiring dedicated staffing resources to build finished-good pallets is cost-prohibitive, particularly in a market where manual labor is getting increasingly difficult to find.  By helping you automate your palletizing process, Crown Packaging can assist in repurposing employees to more value-added roles in the factory or warehouse. 

Upgrade your Palletizing Process with CRown

Contact Crown to learn more about palletizing machines and automated systems that can help you streamline your end-of-line packaging workflow.