3600a-PA Series Corner Wrap Printer Applicator

The CTM Labeling Systems 3600a-PA Series Corner Wrap Printer Applicator prints and applies labels to leading and side panels of products in various shapes and sizes.

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Looking for a print and apply labeling solution that is able to reach difficult spots on your products? The corner wrap labeling system from CTM provides a rugged, high quality solution. Whether you have a carton, case or anything in between that needs a label affixed on the leading or side panels, our 3600a-PA is capable of handling the job.

To achieve the corner wrap the labeler swing arm rotates to initially apply a portion of the label to the leading panel and with continued product travel the pad maintains label contact to continue around the corner and on to the sidewall, and at the end of the sidewall portion the swing arm returns the pad to the labeler for the next label.

Key Features

  • Print and apply labels to leading and side panels of products in various shapes and sizes.
  • 3 print engine configurations from the industry’s leading brands
  • Handle labels of various sizes
  • Multiple mounting points to position


Just like its standard model, the CTM 3600a-PA print and apply is capable of being configured to the left-hand or right-hand positions. The unit can be mounted in nearly any position – up, down, reels up or upright depending on the label size orientation of the label on the product. The heavy duty, rack and pinion dual cylinder rotary actuator and custom designed swing arm length allows the unit to reach out to products which are not at the edge of the conveyor.

Print Engine Configurations

This corner wrap panel labeler uses a Sato, Zebra or Datamax print engine integrated into the applicator to print variable data with bar codes, alpha-numerics and graphics. Depending on your needs and the workload and throughput of your facility, each print engine is capable of handling different speeds. Ensure you choose the right one when ordering.

Printing capabilities include normal and fine printing at several DPI resolutions – 203, 305, 400 and 609 DPI depending on the manufacturer.

Optional Features

Additional features that can be configured to the applicator include:

  • Low label
  • Low ribbon
  • End of web
  • End of ribbon
  • Stack light (silent or audible)
  • Allen-Bradley plc

For those looking for a versatile and rugged solution for their needs, the 3600a-PA Corner Wrap printer applicator is ideal for those that have products such as cartons where a label needs to be applied to the leading and side panels of it. With a wide range of mounting positions, and support for label applications up to 7.1-inches wide and print widths up to 6.6-inch, the 3600a-PA is guaranteed to exceed expectations. To get started, request more information today.

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