Crown Ultra | Ultra-Thin Machine Stretch Film

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Crown Ultra is a premium machine stretch wrap offering unmatched performance at a lower weight and lower cost than alternatives. 

Manufactured via state-of-the-art cast extrusion lines, Crown Ultra features a premium resin formulation allowing it to achieve pre-stretch levels up to 300% and beyond on various load profiles.

Crown Ultra is an excellent down-gauge film as it excels in a variety of demanding applications previously requiring a heavier gauge of stretch film.

Reduce costs by choosing Crown Ultra while improving performance and supporting sustainability.

Crown Ultra enhances any semi-automatic or high-speed automatic system by providing:

  • High clarity and cling
  • Puncture- and tear-resistance
  • Superior load containment


  • Available gauges: 51, 63, 71
  • Available widths: 20, 19.7



Skid Quantity:
Manufacturing Process:
Cling Profile:
Single-Sided Cling
Stretch Percentage: