PSIU Side Seal Automatic Strapping Machine

The PSIU automatic side strapping machine model automatically pack products of any shape with one or more heat/sonic welded polyester or polypropylene straps.

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PSIU Side Seal Automatic Strapping Machine with Indexing Head & Fixed Track

The automatic side strapping automatically pack products of any shape with one or more heat/sonic welded polyester or polypropylene straps. The machine consists of a sturdy structure made of welded steel and aluminum:

  • TR/SX head is located to the side of the product’s direction of travel (our own international patent) which automatically carries out the strap feeding, recovery, tensing, welding and cutting operations.
  • Modular arch support structure made of aluminum profiles.
  • Track for the strap to run around the pack made of a low friction material highly resistant to wear. The arches are equipped with a special releasing device with multiple independent segments to ensure perfect strap centering around the pack.
  • Strap centering is further guaranteed by a system of guide brushes.
  • Strapping head indexing group advances the head in order to meet the pack. Max. stroke 400 mm/16”. The cycle is automatically actuated through a sensor.
  • Strap feeding group with coil holders which collects the strap through an anti-tear system and electromagnetic brake.
  • Electric panel to make the machine work automatically and/or manually.
  • The machine comes complete with all the drive systems, PLC control systems (electric and pneumatic).


INDUSTRY Can & Bottle, All other
STRAP 3/8" PET (Can & PET Bottles)
7/16" or 1/2" (Glass)
HEAD TRCB (Can and Bottle)
TR19 (Glass)
POWER 480 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 20A
COMPRESSION OptionalFeatures / Options

Features / Options

PSIU Indexing Head, Fixed Track
PLC/PANELVIEW Compact Logix / PV400
TRACK Aluminum Extruded Modular
COMPRESSION 2,000 lbs (Can & PET Bottles)
4,000 lbs (Glass)
BAYONET Front Drive
HEAD INDEX Electrical

Other Models Available

PSSU Fixed Head, Fixed Track
PSBU Indexing Head, Bayonet


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