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Poly Bubble Mailers for Shipping 

What are Poly Bubble Mailers?

Poly bubble mailers are envelopes made of a polyethylene material that is laminated with a layer of bubble wrap. They are designed to provide a lightweight and durable packaging solution for shipping items that need a little extra protection.

The bubble wrap layer helps to cushion and protect the contents during shipping, while the polyethylene material provides a waterproof and tear-resistant outer layer.


Applications for Polyethylene Bubble Mailers

Poly bubble mailers are also often used as a cost-effective alternative to traditional cardboard boxes, as they are lighter and more compact, which can help reduce shipping costs.

This type of packaging is often used by a variety of businesses, including online retailers, e-commerce businesses, and small businesses that ship products to customers.

They are particularly useful for businesses that need to ship lightweight or fragile items, as the bubble wrap layer provides additional protection during shipping. Poly bubble mailers are also often used by businesses that sell products through mail-order or subscription-based models, as they can be used to ship a wide range of items, including books, clothing, cosmetics, and other small items.

In addition, poly bubble mailers are often used by businesses that need to ship documents or other materials that need to be protected from moisture or damage during transit.


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