Prioritypak Rightsizing Mailer System

The AUTOBAG® brand PriorityPak rightsize mailer system packages products in protective package. This automated system increases productivity and automatically weighs and scans each product while applying a shipping label to the parcel. Available in cushioned laminate or rigid corrugate.

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Rightsizing Mailer System

The AUTOBAG® brand PriorityPak rightsize mailer system encases products in a ready-to-ship protective package. With advanced sensor technology, this high-speed automated packaging system is the ideal solution for fluctuating volume and variable packaging requirements in e-commerce fulfillment.

Features and Benefits

  • Produces up to 15 packs per minute
  • Easily package items of various shapes and sizes 
  • Automated custom, rightsized packaging


  • PriorityPak mailer materials available in either cushioned laminate or rigid corrugate


The PriorityPak® system encapsulates your products in a Cold Seal® cohesive - coated protective package that locks and seals products in place to minimize shifting inside the package, providing superior product protection.

The PriorityPak system reduces pack time and maximizes labor by creating up to 15 ready-to-mail packages a minute (compared to one to three packages a minute with manual packaging methods). The system automatically weighs and scans each product while applying a shipping label to the parcel.

Just plug it in, connect to compressed air, load and feed the material rolls. Operator training is needed for product placement. No complex settings or need to adjust for sizes or volume.

The PriorityPak system can be used at pack stations or seamlessly integrated into existing packaging lines, interfacing with
other automated equipment.

Sealed Air’s PriorityPak system uses three types of protective packaging materials. The strong and versatile PriorityWrap® Bubble Laminate is perfect for products requiring both containment and cushioning. PriorityWrap Rigid Board is ideal for applications requiring containment, inflexibility and surface protection. PriorityWrap Single Face provides excellent surface protection and crush resistance. Additionally, easy-open tear strips and perforations can be integrated into each material.

PriorityWrap Rigid Board material is certified curbside recyclable.