Corrugated Mailers

Corrugated Mailer Boxes | Indestructo, Tuck, Easy-Folder, & More

Businesses rely on Crown Packaging to supply the corrugated mailers (including indestructo / tuck mailers, easy fold styles, and more).

Kraft or White Box Mailers

Looking for white mailers?  Crown Packaging has them.  Or would you prefer brown kraft box mailers?  We have you covered for those as well.  Choose between different colors of corrugated mailer boxes.  

Easy Fold Mailers

Easy folder corrugated mailers are a style of mailer box that features multi-depth scores to accomodate various sizes of products.  Once you place your product in the center, fold the box at the proper depth and is seal the package with tape. Easy folder mailers are available in both kraft or white corrugated.

Indestructo Boxes & Tucker Mailers

Indestructo mailers (also known as tuck mailers) are a style of corrugated box that folds together to create strong mailer that is resistant to being punctured or crushed.  Indestructo mailer boxes feature double wall protection on the front and sides and are well-suited for e-commerce applications.

Choose the Best Corrugated Mailer Box for your Business need

Our packaging experts can help you find the right size and style of corrugated mailer box for your application.  Contact us for a packaging consultation today.