Gaylord Containers

Bulk Boxes for Storage & Shipping

Crown Packaging is your go-to source for shipping supplies and storage boxes, including gaylord containers.  Request a quote today to get the bin boxes you need for shipments or warehousing. 

Gaylord Containers and Boxes

Crown Packaging is one of the top providers of shipping and packaging supplies, including gaylord containers.  Contact Crown to order gaylord containers and boxes for your shipping and packaging operation. 

What is a Gaylord Container?

A gaylord container, also known as a bulk box or bin box, is a pallet-sized box used to ship to store large items or bulk quantities. 

Common Uses for Gaylord Containers

Use a gaylord container to when transporting single large items or various smaller items in the larger gaylord box. 


Gaylord containers are useful for storing materials and small products in bulk, such as parts, powders, and more. 


Another common application of gaylord boxes is to store items before being packaged or materials before processed.

Order Gaylord Containers and Bin Boxes

Contact Crown Packaging Corp. to purchase gaylord containers and bulk boxes.  Ask about volume pricing when ordering multiple gaylord boxes.