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Crown Packaging is a leading supplier of packaging and shipping supplies including gaylord boxes. 


What is a Gaylord Box? 

A gaylord box is a large, sturdy, pallet-sized container used for storing and shipping big items or bulk quantities of dry goods, such as food, chemicals, or other industrial products.


Other Names for Gaylord Boxes 

You may also hear a gaylord box referred to as a pallet box, bulk box, bin box, octabin, or skid box. 


Applications for Gaylord Boxes

Bin boxes are often utilized when containing or transporting single large items or many small items in bulk, such as powders, loose parts, raw materials, and more.

They're also used to unitize smaller boxes or containers in the larger gaylord box to simplify shipping. 

Beyond shipping applications, it's common for gaylord boxes to be used to store materials before being processed or packaged.

Gaylord boxes are designed to be stackable, which makes them suitable for use in warehouses and distribution centers.


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