Cut’it!™ EVO Multi-Lid

The Ranpak Cut’it!™ EVO machine offers height reduction technology which automatically adapts the height of a box to the highest point of filling, preventing an unnecessary void.

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Ranpak Cut’it!™ EVO Multi-Lid

Four unique branded lids on a single machine

Our Cut’it!™ EVO machine offers integrated height reduction technology which automatically adapts the height of a box to the highest point of filling, preventing an unnecessary void.

As box branding is getting more and more important, especially for brand sensitive companies, the flexible tray and box designs offer almost endless ways to enhance your brand awareness.

The Cut’it!™ EVO Multi-Lid gives you the abilty to even choose between different lids on an universal box, having more customers served at onces from a single packaging line.


Benefits of the Cut’it!™ EVO Multi-Lid

Box branding flexibility

B2B and B2C orders are often shipped from the same warehouse. With Cut’it! EVO Multi-Lid, customers can apply different branding with the same packaging line. Multi-Lid also provides an efficient solution to the challenge of differentiated branding for channel/platform and direct sales.

Cost efficient

Ability to ship brand specific boxes using a single packaging line. No more need to invest in dedicated machinery for individual customers or product lines.

EOL packing efficiency

Enhance logistical efficiency through late-stage customization. Use only one universal box for the picking process, applying brand specific lids at the end.

Improve competitiveness

Increase your 3PL competitive advantage thanks to the ability to ship multiple brands using a single packaging line.

Future proof

The Multi-Lid module can be retrofitted to an existing Cut’it! EVO. Easily scale up from 2 to 4 different lid magazines as your business expands.

Optimize usage of space

Use a single warehouse or packaging line to serve multiple customers.


Higher quality packaging for satisfied customers



Specifications of the Ranpak Cut’it!™ EVO Multi-Lid

  • Machine throughput: Up to 15 boxes/minute
  • Box length: From 9.1 to 25.6 inch
  • Box width: From 5.9 to 17.7 inch
  • Box height: Up to 11.8/18.5 inch*
  • Box weight: 33 to 77 Lbs.*
  • Box types: FEFCO 0200/452/453**
  • Minimal inside height after height reduction: 1.0/2.2 inch*
  • Hot melt applicator: Robatech auto refill
    • *Depending on box size
    • **Other types on request


Optimized design

  • Big Sliding doors for easy maintenance
  • Easy to load lid magazine
  • Large windows
  • Integrated glue storage.

User-friendly interface

  • 12-inch full color HMI display
  • Swivel arm display for use on either side of the machine
  • Start, stop, and reset button.

Cutting and creasing

  • Combined cutting and creasing maximizes height reduction potential

Easy integration

  • Small machine footprint
  • Machine available in left or right orientation.
  • Modular lid magazin placement

Online connectivity

  • KPI data reporting
  • Remote assistance/support
  • Video camera system







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