Drop Packer with Case Erector

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The Combi drop packer with case erector is an ultra-compact solution for packing the widest range of rigid containers. This exclusive design integrates a case erector and case packer into the smallest footprint in the industry for reliable case packing productivity.


Addressing the challenges of packing flexible bags, the integrated drop packer can be equipped with a flexible bag shingling system.  Bags are automatically fed onto a belt conveyor that extends and retracts - shingling the product as it drops onto a bay door or dropping one layer at a time, in a pre-determined pattern.  Once the product has accumulated, the bay doors open dropping the product into the case.  Once the case is filled, the case exits and a new case is staged for packing.

  • Heavy Duty Construction -- Welded tubular steel framework / heavy duty case lift
  • Compact Design --The smallest case erector/drop packer in the industry (10' long)
  • Quick Changeovers (Approx 15 minutes)
    • Quick-clamp product lane guides
    • All digital readouts on case erector adjustments
    • Modular change parts (packing heads)
  • Full guarding with safety interlocks
  • States screens on Operator Interface reduces troubleshooting to seconds with this Combi designed programming 



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