Ecorrcrate® | Wood Crate Alternative

Answering the need for convenience and cost savings without compromising durability, Ecorrcrate® is a light weight, all-corrugated, standalone shipping solution presented in an easy-to-use format.

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It's Not a Box:  It's A Shipping Crate Made from Corrugated Lumber

Ecorrcrate is constructed using paper-based corrugate lumber. With its exclusive cross-laminated structure, Ecorrcrate offers exceptional strength and durability in various directions, effectively safeguarding your goods.

Wait…It’s Sustainable and Durable?

Finding a sustainable shipping solution that is both reliable and long-lasting can often be difficult. While wood is a renewable resource, it is typically disposed of in landfills.

Notably robust, remarkably resistant to water, effortless to assemble, renewable, easily recyclable, and compliant with ISPM15 standards, we firmly believe that Ecorrcrate will enhance your operations while reducing your environmental impact.

With Ecorrcrate, we are confident that your processes will improve while also reducing your carbon footprint. When you need a dependable and sustainable option, you can rely on Ecorrcrate.

Where It All Began

The motivation to find a solution arose from the economic pressures experienced during the last major recession. This led to the invention of Ecorrcrate, which is now addressing the new demands resulting from uncontrollable market forces.

These include the need for a lower cost crate due to significant financial pressure, a more environmentally friendly crate due to increasing concern for the environment, a lighter weight crate due to rising shipping costs, and an ISPM15 Export certified crate that moves seamlessly along the international supply chain without interruption, to tackle challenges in the world of export.

When reliability and sustainability are required, Ecorrcrate can be relied upon.

The Bottom Line

Understanding that calculating ROI for your company's overall financial performance is of utmost importance, we acknowledge that Ecorrcrate is created with a focus on cost-effectiveness. 

We encourage you to take the opportunity to assess both your initial expenses and ongoing costs, such as the rate of product replacements, alongside the expenses tied to negative customer experiences. It is advisable to carefully evaluate these aspects before making a final decision regarding your shipping solution.

Get off to a good start

Ecorrcrates will often have a lower price point than comparable plywood crates.

Cut down on shipping expenses

Ecorrcrate is ideal for light-weighting your shipment resulting in lower freight costs in most situations.

Setting up is effortless

Ecorrcrate is convenient as it can be quickly and safely assembled, saving you time and reducing packaging labor costs.

Reduced costs from reusability

Ecorrcrates are frequently reused at a higher rate than traditional wooden crates, providing you with four unique opportunities for savings.

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