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Case Sealers

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Crown Packaging is a top supplier of carton sealing machinery, offering case sealers from 3M, Little David, Interpack, and more.  Explore products, request pricing information, or contact us for an automation consultation. 

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Crown offers a wide variety of case sealers in addition to the equipment featured on this webpage.  Let us know what type of machine you're looking for and our packaging specialists will help you find the right equipment for your organization.

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Upgrade your packaging process by implementing new case sealing machinery. 


Crown Packaging Corp. carries the best case sealers from leading manufacturers like 3M, Little David (a Signode brand), IPG, and more. 


What is a Case Sealer?

A case sealer, also referred to as a box sealer or a tape machine, is a type of packaging equipment that is used to seal or tape a corrugated box shut.


Case sealers are an essential type of equipment for automating your packaging process.

Semi-Automatic Vs. Automatic Case Sealers

Case sealers come in both semi-automatic and automatic styles. 


With semi-automatic case sealers, an operator loads or fills the corrugated box and manually closes the top flaps and feeds the box through the sealer.  The case sealer tapes the box closed using specialized carton sealing tape. 


Fully automatic case sealers don't require an operator and perform all the functions including closing the box's top flaps, offering a more streamlined solution.

Uniform Vs. Random Case Sealers

Another key factor in choosing box taping equipment is whether you need a uniform or random case sealer.  


Uniform case sealers are well-suited for operations leveraging boxes of the same size.  


Random case sealers are capable of taping boxes of variable sizes, automatically adjusting to height and width differences.

Select the Best Case Sealer for your Business

Where you're looking to implement fully automatic case sealing system or semi-automatic case sealers for sale, Crown's packaging experts can help you navigate the options available so you can find the best carton sealing machine for your application. 


Contact Crown Packaging for product information, pricing, and demos of case sealers and carton taping equimpent.