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Crown Packaging is a top supplier of pallet wrapping equipment.  Explore stretch wrappers, request pricing information, or contact us for a packaging automation consultation. 

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Crown Packaging Corp. offers stretch wrappers from leading manufacturers including Robopac, Cousins, Wulftec, and more.  


Choose between semi-automatic or fully automatic stretch wrapping equipment in a variety of styles including horizontal stretch wrappers, self-propelled wrapping machines, rotary arm stretch wrappers, and other types of stretch film machinery. 

Stretch Wrappers Vs. Hand Wrapping

Stretch wrapping equipment is designed to eliminate the need for manual hand wrapping which has to be performed by an employee. 


The benefits to effeciency, saftey, and product protection are significant.


In addition to delivering a much faster wrapping solutions, stretch wrappers provide a more consistent wrap, often results in better load containment.  


As stretch wrappers require less intervention from staff, this type of packaging equipment is important to support workplace safety.

Types of Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Turntable Wrappers

The turntable style is one of the most popular type of stretch wrapper.  Pallets are loaded on a turntable that spins as the stretch film moves from the bottom of the load and moves up and back down.  Turntable wrappers are well suited for many applications and environments.


Straddle Wrappers

This type of stretch wrapper rotates around a stationary pallet, wrapping the load as it spins.  Straddle wrappers are useful for containing unstable or heavy loads.


Orbital Wrappers 

Also known as ringer wrapper, orbital stretch wrapping machines wrap a load over and under while the pallets moves on a conveyor system.  You'll often find orbital wrappers being used in situations with irregularly shaped or flattened loads.  

Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic Stretch WrapPer

Semi-automatic Stretch Wrappers

As the name implies, semi-automatic stretch wrappers require partial control from an operator who positions the load and secures the film to the load before starting the wrapping cycle. 


Consider using a semi-automatic stretch wrapper for low-volume applications. 



Fully Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Automatic stretch wrappers, by comparison, can wrap pallets with little to no involvement from an operator offering a higher level of effeciency.  


Pallets are delivered via conveyance systems and positioned to be wrapped.  Many automatic stretch wrappers can determine the height of the load to optimize the wrapping process and ensure maximum load containment.


Automatc stretch wrappers are well-suited for high-volume production environments.

Stretch Wrappers Manufactuers & Brands

Crown Packaging offers our customers access to the best stretch wrappers from the best brands such as Robopac, Cousins, Wulftec, and other leading manufacturers.


Looking for a specific Cousins stretch wrapper or certan Robopac model?  Request product specs or a on-site product demonstration.   

Find the Best STretch Wrapper for your Business

Need assistance selecting the best stretch wrapper for your business?  We can help.

Our knowledgable packaging specialists can explore your options you find the right stretch wrapper for your application. 


Make sure you have your stretch film complements your equipment.  We'll also assist you in selecting the best stretch film to go with your machinery to ensure optimal performance at the lowest cost. 


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