PG57R High Temp Premium Paper Masking Tape

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A pressure-sensitive masking tape designed primarily for the aircraft industry where resistance to strong solvent / high solids and polyurethane-based paints is a necessity. Adhesive is specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion-to, and transfer-free removal from, a variety of prepared aluminum surfaces. PG57R product is able to support large kraft aprons. It will perform in cycle-bake applications of 140°F for 4 to 6 hours for up to three cycles. Conformable, extra strong, smooth crepe paper backing provides clean paint break lines and strength for pulling long paint lines with clean, tear-free removal. The release coating is also designed to resist paint flaking upon removal. Not recommended for outdoor use. Specification conformance: SAE-AMS-T-21595, BAC 5034-4
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