Paper Packaging Machinery

Paper-Based Protective Packaging Equipment

Crown offers an entire line of paper packaging machinery from Ranpak, an innovator in protective packaging equipment using recyclable paper for cushioning.

FillPak, GEami, and PadPak | Paper Packaging Systems

Ranpak's line of paper-based protective packging equipment offer sustainable solutions for void fill, cushioning, and wrapping.



FillPak paper packaging material provides an effective way to fill empty spaces in a box, preventing your products from shifting around during transit. As a clean, efficient, reliable, and flexible solution, it is dispensed on-demand at high volumes, so less packaging material is required. No matter what size of box or type of product you are shipping, Ranpak has the paper packaging solution for you.



Wrapping is often an important element of packaging, providing protection against surface abrasion and minor handling incidents. Geami WrapPak materials safeguard products against these challenges, and they are also designed to prevent damage caused by the internal impacts that can result when several items are packed together in the same container.



Cushioning is used to protect fragile items during shipping. Packages are often handled with little or no care during transport, so precautions are needed to prevent damage. Shocks and vibration are controlled by cushioning, significantly reducing broken box contents and subsequent returns.