Regular Slotted Container (RSC) Boxes

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What is an RSC Box? 

Regular slotted container boxes (RSC boxes for short) are a very common type of corrugated box used for industrial packaging and shipping.  They may also be referred to as regular slotted carton boxes. 

With an RSC box, all the flaps have an equal length and the outer flaps are half the width of the carton so the two longest flaps meet in the center of the box. 

This allows the box to be easily and securely closed, and also allows it to be stacked and stored efficiently. RSC boxes are widely used in the shipping and packaging industry because of their versatility and strength, and they are commonly used to package and ship a wide variety of products.


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More Sizes of RSC Boxes Available

Looking for a cube-shaped carton?  Crown Packaging carries them as well:  Cube RSC Boxes

Choose from standard carton sizes or ask about custom corrugated solutions.  


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