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Upgrade your stretch wrapping equipment to accelerate your packaging operation, boost effeciency, and improve load protection. 


Crown Packaging carries an extensive line of Robopac stretch wrappers and stretch wrapping equipment designed for high performance.

Robopac Turntable Stretch Wrappers

RoboPac Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers


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Top ROBOPAC MACHINES | S7, Masterplat, Helix, Rotoplat, & More

As an authorized Robopac distributor, Crown Packaging offers industry-leading stretch film machinery and innovative new products that will help take your shipping and packaging process to the next level.


Choose between automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappers including the Robopac S7 portable stretch wrapper, Helix series, Masterplat, Ecoplat, Rotoplat, and more. 

SEMI-Automatic & Automatic ROBOPAC Machines

Whether you need a fully automated system or a semi-automatic machine, Crown Packaging has your covered with an line of Robopac equipment for every business. 

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Our team of packaging experts will help you find the right Robopac machinery for your application and the best stretch fill to pair with it.


Contact Crown to request pricing or a schedule a demonstration of Robopac equipment in action.

About RoboPac

Robopac offers a wide range of solutions and services for the end-of-line packaging industry: from semi automatic wrapping machines to automatic machines, shrinkwrappers and case packers.


Learn more about the Robopac brand of packaging machinery.