WA 25 Case Packer

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Robopac WA 25 Case Packing Machine

The Sotemapack wrap around WA 25 automatic case packer machines pack up to 25 packs per minute. Beginning with a flat cardboard, our machines automatically group the products and form a cardboard case around them by folding and gluing the edges.

Our case packers were engineered for food, beverage, and consumer products in bottles, cans, jars, detergent containers, vacuum bags, jars, and more.


Sotemapack 25 Magazine

Newly conceived modular servo driven blank magazine which enables a high speed infeed with fixed loading height. The blank magazine may be lengthened up to 8.2 feet (2,5 meters).

Upper Flap Closing System

Sotemapack WA 25 Upper Flap Closing System

Extended motorized upper flap closing system allowing a perfect compression of the hot melt glue at high speed.


Pick and Place System

Sotemapack WA 25 Pick and Place System

Ability to stack the products via pick and place system.




Sotemapack WA 25 Divider

Divider (optional) to channel non regular/ shaped products into the correct lanes. Wide range of versions suitable to accept up to 200 products per minute.



Sotemapack WA 25 Specs


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