Sigma VANISH Stretch Film with Bio-Assimilation Technology

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We are so very proud to introduce Sigma VANISH, a revolutionary stretch film developed by the creative engineering minds at Sigma Stretch Film and Smart Plastics Technology.

This incredible product is designed to function the same as our other high-performance films with one key difference…after its engineered useful life of 2 years, VANISH will begin a process of bio-assimilation (returning to it’s origin) whereby it breaks down to it’s original base components and becomes a food source for micro-organisms, leaving no microplastics or toxins behind.

The bio-assimilation process takes place in any environment (terrestrial, aquatic, anaerobic landfill) and does not require any special conditions.

While we believe the best and most efficient way to handle used stretch film is to recycle it, creating a circular economy, the current capacity to recycle all plastic waste is insufficient. That’s why at Sigma we say, “If you can’t recycle it, make it VANISH.”



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