SP-304R BO Case Former

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Loveshaw has been specializing in industrial grade case sealers for over 50 years. It is with a high-quality ad integrity focused drive that introduces the latest case sealer: The Little David SP-304R BO.

This sealer provides a consistent seal by utilizing a random side belt that moves the case through a folding area and right over the tape cartridge. In combination with a table station, an operator has space to form the case prior to sealing. The tool-less quick release wipe rollers and knife blade accompanying the CaseLocker 60 tape cartridge are patent-pending. 

  • Improve productivity and throughput by maximizing operator efficiency
  • Eliminate ergonomic risk factors by reducing operator fatigue and repetitive motion syndrome.
  • Extensive case range, movable control station, and easy access motors, electrics and belts
  • The SP-304R BO Semi-Automatic Random Case Former, combined with the CaseLocker 60 tape cartridge, is an ideal machine for erecting and bottom-sealing random cases for those utilizing a variety of case sizes.
  • Replaces hand taping case
  • Case Capacity:
    Length: 8” - max. based on anvil
    Width: 4.5” - 20”
    Height: 3.5” - infinite
  • Processes 32 ect single wall to 44 ect double wall boxes

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