Automated Mailers

What Are Automated Packaging Mailers?

Automated packaging mailers are designed to simplify the packing process. They combine speed, accuracy, and reliability, making them ideal for high-volume fulfillment centers. These automated, high-speed packing machines package products in protective shipping materials in record time.

These mailers come in various forms, each tailored to specific needs:


Shipping Mailers: These cushioned or non-cushioned mailers protect products from damage during shipment. Whether you’re shipping delicate electronics or sturdy goods, there’s a shipping mailer to fit your application.


Poly Bagging Systems: Poly bags are versatile and adaptable from semi-automatic machines to fully automated systems; poly bagging equipment ensures efficient packaging. Polybag film is available in an assortment of widths.


Rightsizing Mailer System: Ideal solution for packaging items fluctuating in volume and variable sizes.

Application and Uses of Automated Mailers

Automated packaging mailers will continue to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and protect products throughout their journey from warehouse to doorstep.

Streamlined mailer solutions are responsible for seamless shipping experiences. They keep products safe, streamline operations, and contribute to a satisfied customer base.

Benefits of Automated Mailers

Speed and Efficiency: Accelerate the packaging process by decreasing the packaging time traditionally performed through manual labor.


Reduced Damages: Properly sealed and cushioned mailers protect items from bumps, jostling, and external forces.


Cost Savings: By minimizing shipping errors and damages, businesses save on replacement costs and enhance their bottom line.

Leading Providers of Automated Mailer Solutions

Pregis, SEE

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Automated Packaging Mailers available through Crown Packaging include the 850S, the 850SP, the PriorityPak, FloWrap, and other popular models.

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