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TemperPack ClimaCell | Curbside Recyclable Cold Chain Solution

The TemperPack ClimaCell® cold chain solution consists of thermal box liners capable of equal temperature-control performance as Styrofoam® and fully curbside recyclable.

The ClimaCell® Shipping Solution

Protect Your Shipments

The ClimaCell system uses two thermal liners to insulate the interior of the box.The liners are rigid with clean edges and crisp hinges for a secure fit that restricts airflow and maintains temperature.

Protect the Planet

ClimaCell liners are made with plant based materials and are curbside recyclable. They allow brands to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, keep plastic out of landfills, and improve human health by moving away from hazardous materials.


Cold Chain Solutions for Multiple Industries

TemperPack's protective packaging solutions work across multiple industries ranging from healthcare-specific shipments like temperature-sensitive drugs and diagnostic testing, to perishable foods like frozen meats, meal kit services, and prepared meals.


TemperPack ClimaCell for Life Sciences

ClimaCell thermal liners were developed to help life sciences companies safely ship temperature sensitive medical treatments without unnecessary plastic waste.

The liners are made with plant-based materials, are curbside recyclable, and offer thermal performance on par with expanded polystyrene foam.


TemperPack ClimaCell vs. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

ClimaCell matches expanded polystyrene’s (EPS) thermal performance, inch for inch.

  • Proven to maintain safe temperatures for 48+ hours in an ISTA certified thermal transport lab
  • Has protected over 20 million shipments since 2018


Curbside Recyclable Cold Chain Solution

Save your customer from the burden of figuring out what do to with EPS foam coolers. ClimaCell liners can be recycled right alongside the shipping box in which it arrived.

  • Made with over 90% renewable materials
  • Reduces carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by an average 60-65%compared to EPS*


Crown Packaging Corp. | TemperPack Supplier

The TemperPack ClimaCell is available through Crown Packaging as part of our cold chain solutions portfolio and our line of packaging products that support sustainability. 

Contact Crown Packaging for TemperPack product and pricing information today.



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