T100SE Piezo Inkjet Printer

The T100SE Piezo Inkjet Printer from Matthews Marking Systems provide fantastic resolution and versatile coding with vivid branding on your products and packaging.

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Matthews Marking Systems | T-Series Piezo Inkjet Printer

Unlock Superior Printing: Experience T-Series Piezo Inkjet Advantages in Every Detail

T-Series piezo inkjet printers provide fantastic resolution and versatile coding with vivid branding on your products and packaging.  Lower your costs with direct carton marking while enjoying enhanced quality and minimal downtime.

Challenges with Competing Printers

Competing printers often struggle with print durability on porous surfaces, resulting in poor print quality and illegible prints.  Readability is hampered by limited barcode clarity and poor ink adherence. Frequent downtime and increased costs stem from maintenance-heavy machinery. The brand impact is diminished by inconsistent quality and misprints. Additionally, inefficient ink usage further drives up operational expenses.

Industrial Piezo Inkjet Printers You Can Count On

Our T-Series Piezo Inkjet Printers conquer durability challenges with fade-resistant prints on porous surfaces. Offering unrivaled barcode clarity and versatile color options enhances readability. Low-maintenance design reduces downtime, consistent quality and precise printing amplify brand impact while delivering on your traceability initiatives. Efficient ink usage slashes operational costs. Choose from T50E, T100E, and T100SE models for tailored solutions.

Matthews Marking Systems T100SE Piezo Inkjet Printer Specifications

Designed to print down and/or at right angles, this piezo printhead is optimal for packaging and industrial applications.

+  Print height: 4” (100 mm)
+  Maximum print speed: 276 ft/min (84m/min)
+  Print direction: vertical (down)
+  Readable throw distance: ¼ ” (6.4 mm)

Coding Type:
High Res - Piezo

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