Zebra ET45 Tablet

Meet the perfect replacement to consumer-grade tablets — the Zebra ET45 enterprise rugged tablets. You get everything your workers need to do business better and faster right out of the box, in a durable device built to last — all at the right price.

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Zebra ET45 Tablet

You’re considering purchasing consumer-grade tablets for your business because the cost is right — and while the feature set may not be ideal, it seems good enough. But there are hidden costs — such as a case to increase durability or a scanner for tasks that require heavy barcode scanning. Without the right durability, you’ll need to replace tablets more frequently — and short product lifecycles create a mixed model deployment that is more complex and time-consuming to support. Introducing the ET40 and ET45, the right-priced enterprise tablets that are built for business, with everything you need, right out of the box.

Get a strong ROI that makes great business sense. These tablets are built to last, designed for business from the inside out. Drop it, use it in subzero temperatures, hose it off — and it still works. Unlike consumer tablets, Zebra guarantees that the exact same device will be available for three years, eliminating mixed device deployments that are more time-consuming and costly to support. And when it comes to service and support, Zebra’s optional OneCare Essential and Select support services provide all the options you need to get the right level of service for your business. And since these support services are available for a full six years from the initial date of sale, you can count on support every day your devices are in service.

Work faster and smarter with all the right business options. Choose the best screen size for the job — the easy-to-carry 8-inch or the 10-inch for easy viewing of information rich apps. Boost productivity and deliver a better user experience with the latest and fastest wireless connections — including Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. Power multiple shifts with the optional hot-swappable secondary battery. And Zebra’s PowerPrecision batteries provide the statistics you need to spot and replace aging batteries that can no longer hold a full charge, ensuring every battery in your battery pool is healthy. Take payment where and when you need it with these payment-ready tablets — create a go-anywhere mobile POS with innovative payment solutions that include NFC Tap to Pay or create an on-demand hybrid POS anywhere in a store with the Point of Sale hub and Presentation stand. And customize tablets for every job with a complete accessory family — boost durability and portability with protective and carrying accessories, create a kiosk for check-in and more with the Presentation stand, create a complete workstation on demand with the Workstation cradle, simplify backroom management with multi-slot charging cradles and more.

Powerful data capture made easy. So many business processes rely on the capture of barcodes. That’s why the ET40/ET45 come standard with an integrated enterprise-class barcode scanner. And since different types of workers have different scanning needs, you have a choice of three scan engines — choose from standard range scanning, a large ‘sweet spot’ for ‘can’t miss’ aiming and an advanced range scanner that can capture items in hand and across the room. Need to capture photos for proof of condition, delivery or repair and more? Get all the details you need with the 13 MP rear camera. And the front 5 MP camera shaves time and errors out of workflows with video calls.

Unleash the potential of your tablets and your workforce with Zebra Mobility DNA™. Get a built-in advantage with complimentary Zebra Mobility DNA Professional, a powerful collection of pre-installed tools that are ready to use, at no cost. Stage a handful or thousands of tablets in seconds. Enter barcodes into your apps — without any programming. Control which GMS services and apps are available. Test all main systems with the press of button and collect targeted diagnostics to easily troubleshoot tablets and identify issues that can be easily resolved onsite — instead of shipping devices to the repair center. Automatically enable EMM support for every feature in your tablet for easy device management. Boost device security and more by adding features to Android. And you can take worker productivity to a new level by enabling faster and easier data capture with additional tools in the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license.

Improve collaboration with powerful new ways to communicate. Enable your tablet users to reach any worker inside your facility with optional Push-to-Talk (PTT) Express — right out of the box. Expand communications beyond your facility with optional Workforce Connect PTT Pro, a cellular-based easy-to-deploy subscription service which enables PTT calling and secure text messaging to workers in the field and in your facility. You can even turn these tablets into fully-featured PBX handsets that make it easy to execute even the most complex telephony functions with Zebra’s Workforce Connect Voice.