Stretch Films

Stretch Film |  Order Stretch Wrapping Products in Bulk

Crown Packaging is a leading stretch film supplier, providing businesses across North America with the stretch wrap supplies they need for their packagaing and shipping operation.


Whether you wrap pallets manually or using a semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapper, Crown Packaging carries a stretch film perfect for your application.


Choose from hand films or machine films in an assortment length, widths, and gauges.   


Machine Stretch Film Vs. Hand Film

Stretch film can either be applied to a load manually by an operator by hand or automatically or semi-automatically by a stretch wrapper machine. 

Find the Best Stretch Film for Your Business

Not sure what type of stretch film is best for your business?  Our packaging experts can help navigate your stretch wraps options based on your business requirements. 


Are you looking to reduce your stretch film cost or plastic usage?

Ask our "rite-gauging" assessments.  We'll help you eliminate avoidable waste and expense by testing stretch films to give you the best load containment for the best cost.


Order in bulk from Crown Packaging to stock up on the stretch film you need for pallet wrapping and bundling.