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Crown Packaging is a top supplier of StraPack strapping machines and strapping systems.


Choose between a comprehensive line of strapping machinery including the StraPack RQ-8x, SQ-800, and more.


Not sure which strapping machine is right for your application?  We can help you find the best strapper for the job. 


Contact Crown and schedule a consultation with packaging specialist who can help you explore StraPack equipment options and assist in finding strapping and banding materials to match it.

About Strapack Equipment

StraPack has been an innovative leader in plastic strapping machinery production since the inception of this type of equipment in the 1960s. Innovative design and dedication to high quality have earned StraPack strapping machines a solid reputation as the most dependable strapping machines in the world.


StraPack is one of the few companies in the strapping industry distributing only equipment that has been developed and produced by its own manufacturing divisions.


StraPack is proud of this tradition and has built its reputation for quality products by having total control of the manufacturing process. StraPack has also manufactured in the past or currently manufactures strapping equipment for some major suppliers in Europe and North America as an OEM.


As of year 2002, StraPack consists of more than twenty offices and four subsidiary companies in Japan, three factories (two in Japan and one in Thailand) and overseas subsidiaries engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of StraPack strapping machinery as well as other related equipment and materials.


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